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About Us - C8 Best Food Cart Franchising

Established in May 2007 as C8BEST FRANCHISING COMPANY and in October 29, 2010 Registered in Securities and Exchange Commission as C8 FRANCHISING CORPORATION. With only two concepts then, today the company has more than twenty different concepts to choose from. Moreover, we are now engaged in food/non-food Industry. To enrich the lives of Filipino entrepreneur the company provided affordable franchise business and comprehensive entrepreneurial orientation, Passion and commitment is our main business core. With our vast experienced into a different businesses will set an edge for us to be the best choice in the Industry. Sharing our expertise among those people who wanted to venture into affordable franchise business is our utmost priority. Hence, we are now the only ONE-STOP SHOP FOOD CART FRANCHISING COMPANY in the Industry. with strong Commissary, manpower and fabrication support.




Our mission is seated on three pillars to people, Country and the employees. To the PEOPLE…we provide opportunity to everyone who envision of having their own business as a preparation for their retirement, source of Income and achieve financial stability.

To the COUNTRY… aid in government effort in a relentless pursuit f creating livelihood programs in promoting micro entrepreneurial people who will serve as a backbone of nation economy.

To the EMPLOYEESTo nourish the lives of every men and women of the company and continuously be useful for their families



Our vision is to be known as the Barometer in standard in Food & Non-food retail Industry, like wise set the tune in terms of quality service, commitment and Passion beyond monetary.

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